Welcome to Shring Technologies’ ShringMail infrastructure, a mobile mail platform designed to allow you access to your business-critical email from virtually anywhere. A technical support representative will schedule an installation appointment with you either in-person or remotely, to assist you in setting up configuration for access to ShringMail based on your specific needs.


You may access Shring Mobile Mail using the following methods:


ü  Microsoft Outlook (contact us for setup assistance)

ü  Browser-based WebMail (http://webmail.shringtech.net )

MS Internet Explorer version 8 and up is the recommended browser for the best experience

ü  Browser-based Mobile Access (webmail.shringtech.net/oma)

ü  Windows Mobile Synchronization via ActiveSync

ü  iPhone/iPad & Android Support

ü  Blackberry Enterprise Synchronization (optional)


Depending on how you plan to access ShringMail, will dictate the required setup and configuration specific to your environment. If you have any questions, please contact the Shring Technical Services team at 678.680.4911 or via email at support@shringtech.com. It is our sole focus to ensure you have the technology infrastructure that is reliable and flexible specific to your needs.


Important Information:


SPAM – As we all know this continues to be out of control. The Shring Mobil Mail infrastructure is protected by a very robust spam and threat prevention technology. We scan every inbound and outbound email for embedded threats, inappropriate material, phishing scams & virus’. We will block 98% of spam as compared to what you have received with previous email providers. In some rare occasions, “false positives” do happen.

Should you receive email that you know is spam, you may forward it to spam@shringtech.com which will automatically add the sender to our blacklist which will prevent future emails. It is important for you to know that once a sender has been blocked it cannot be reversed without contact the Support Services team to manually whitelist. Once blacklisted all future inbound emails from this sender will blocked and not delivered to your Inbox.

Storage Capacity

We are proud of the fact that we do not impose specific mailbox size limits except in extreme situations or when it starts affecting your email client performance … however we do as you to apply several guidelines we ask you respect.


Deleted Items – We routinely cleanup your DeletedItems folder. If you want to keep as specific email or contact … do NOT put/move it to your DeletedItems folder! Sounds obvious right? Any emails older than 30 days will be trashed if they are in the DeletedItems folder.



Client Connectivity


If you are using Microsoft Outlook as your primary client, in most cases, the Shring Support Services team will remotely configured your Outlook as well as addresses any migrations tasks such as moving older email to new mailbox.


Settings for most mobile devices


The ShringMail platform typically does not allow for POP email client access. This is driven primarily for your own security & safety as POP is not a secure protocol.  All mobile devices now support secure connections and are typically labeled as Corporate Email or MS Exchange/ActiveSync.


It is important, when configuring mobile clients, that you use the basic settings shown below. These setting will work with most, if not all mobile devices.


Account Type:             ActiveSync/MS Exchange or Corporate Email (depends on device type)

Account Name:           ShringMail (or some variation)

Email:                          enteryouremailaddresshere

Domain:                      ktpdc.corp

Username:                  enteryouremailaddresshere

Password:                    AS SPECIFIED

Server:                         webmail.mykreative.net

SSL:                              Required (SSL MUST be checked)


Decide whether you want to sync Calendar and Contacts or just email via sliders as well as how far back to sync mail


Should you have a specific need or question regarding client configuration, please visit our Resource Library or contact us via email support@shringtech.com or call 678.680.4911.