Using Outlook CONTACTS vs Remembered Email Addresses

This is a very common issue when getting a new machine or MSOffice upgrade.

We would encourage you to not rely on the dropdowns as a permanent place to remember CONTACT email addresses.  That is because these dropdowns sometimes get cleared completely during maintenance/upgrades.  

We are sure you probably have a long list of important CONTACT email addresses you need to keep. Adding them to your CONTACTS Address Book, not only ensures that you always have your CONTACTS handy and safe, but that they will also process with the autoLookup you are used to using.

For example, type “su” and you will see Shring Support show up.

In addition, using CONTACTS allows you the choice of having synchronized CONTACTS on any workstation, mobile device or tablet. This could also lead to a firm-wide common CONTACTS list as is often used in law firms.

Adding Outlook CONTACTS

The most common way to add Outlook CONTACTS is when you are sending the first email to an address.  With the email address in the TO field, right-click on the actual email address.  Then select Add to Outlook Contacts. Once you do, a new CONTACT window will open with the common fields already populated. You typically want to make sure the common name is correct vs just having the email address listed as this helps when resolving common names. You can also add phone/fax #’s and other notes.

NOTE: You can also create a new CONTACT by pressing the New Item then Contact from the ribbon. However, the right-click method works well for quick additions and moving on.

Once you are done, click on the Save & Close in the top left of the ribbon and that CONTACT will always be in your Outlook Contacts forever and can/will move or sync with anything else.