Welcome to Shring Support Services program. We would like to Thank You for giving Shring the opportunity to support you and your business and are committed to providing you outstanding customer service, prompt response times and will ensure that we are always there when you need us. Our team of technology and telephony experts are available to assist with any issue that might arise in your environment.


During our relationship, not only will we provide you the support needed to run your business day-to-day, we will also, focus on assisting you with the following:



Business Continuity – We will work with you to implement a Business Continuity Plan for your organization. This will prepare you for catastrophic events, should they happen, and minimize the time to recover from such a scenario.


Proactive Backup Management – The Shring team will begin to proactively manage backups of your critical business data and provide you with acknowledgments of your backup infrastructure.


Threat Management – Today antivirus is just not enough. With the threats of malware, spyware, hackers, and such … a complete security review will be done for your environment both internally and externally on a quarterly basis. Shring will provide you with the findings of the security review and well as plans of action for risks identified, if any.


User Support – We are at your disposal for anything technology related. When you request assistance you will be asked your email address for authentication. A case will be created that both you and the Shring team will use for tracking to ensure your issue was addressed as appropriate. We “take ownership” of your issue and ensure that it is addressed promptly and professionally. 


When You Need Assistance


As always Shring does not differentiate between remote and onsite service. We charge no trip-fees and if it is something that cannot be addressed remotely, an engineer will be onsite to assist you with the issue. We offer you multiple ways to request assistance. Anytime you or any of your team needs assistance with a technology-related issue you may use any of the following methods: 

Shring Support Line
Shring Support Email
Select SUPPORT and REQUEST HELP from the menu on top right of page

Any of these options will produce a prompt response from the Shring Support Services team.


You and our team members will determine the level of urgency and ensure that your needs are met. Your issues will be directed to your dedicated Shring support team members and you will be contacted or visited to get the issue addressed. Shring commits to an immediate response to all issues both via phone or email. We do not employ automated email responses from our Support Services system. Any email you receive will be from a person, not a machine. 


A member of the Shring management will be contacting you shortly to schedule our onsite Site Survey if it is not already in process. Our Site Survey allows us to gather all of the information we need to know to provide you proactive support and to ensure we know what your specific business needs are, prior to any technology issue arising. During our Site Survey we will review all aspects of your technology infrastructure and ensure that we understand your business requirements and needs.


Again … we thank you for having the confidence in Shring’s ability to support you. We look forward to building a mutually beneficial relationship with you going forward building a trusted partnership. If, at any time, you have comments, questions or concerns … please feel free to contact me directly. We are always eager for feedback as to how we can better support you … our partner.


Ron and the Shring Team