How to setup an iPhone to use ShringMail

The below instructions quide you step by step through the setup of ShringMail on most Apple iPhones:

Go to settings then Passwords & Accounts.  Next tap add account

Select Exchange

Enter your email address and Description

(You can name it anything, by default it will be named Exchange)

Next you will see a popup asking you to Configure Manually or to Sign In.  Select Sign In

Next screen will ask you to enter your password.  Your email address and description will already be filled in.  Enter your password and click next.

With the next screen you will be prompted   to enter some additional information (server, username and password) and click next.

Here you can determine what components you would like synced. We would encourage you to accept the default as it will ensure all your email, calendar, contacts are synchronized and backed up daily. However you may wish to keep your local contacts and business separate ... as an example.

If all of the information was entered correctly you will get green check marks and the you will be asked to save your settings.  Click save and your done.

Should you have any issues with the above instructions