Setting Up Your ShingVoice Extension on your Mobile Phone



Download the App from the Apple App Store. Search "GrandStream Wave"

Launch App on your phone. Go to Settings on the bottom left, Account Settings, and hit the + sign to create a new account. You need to select Account Type. New Account will be a SIP Account as shown below. Tap SIP Account to add your specific user setting.

On the Account Setup screen: 

  1. Under Add New Account type in your name in Account Name (any common name) 
  2. Your organization's SIP Server will be provided by Shring Support Services if you do not already know it.  
  3. Your SIP User ID is your extension number.  
  4. Your SIP Authentication ID will also be your extension number. Your password will be provided by ShringTech, if needed. 
  5. In the Voicemail UserID you should enter *97 with no spaces or other characters.


Once completed you will see your account set up with a green button (    ) with your name next to it.

(If there is a red (    )  there is an issue with your account setting, please check your account setting.)



Once Setup is complete hit the Keypad and you are ready to use your desk phone on your cell phone.


Please note that if you are NOT using WIFI your carrier’s data rates will apply.

If you have any issues setting up your ShrngVoice Work Extension, Please do not hesitate to reach out to the Shring Support Services Team at or 678-680-4911.